Daily Creates Week One

odds and endsWell, apparently, I didn’t read the directions closely.  This was supposed to be an ink drawing of “odds and ends” that I find pleasurable.  I did this picture digitally which is only slightly worse than my actual drawing.  My drawing includes books, my hope chest (that my grandmother had in Germany), the sun, people, and my dog (yes, that’s supposed to be my dog’s head!)  I hope that I get better at these or at least get the drawing creates finished so I can do something I’m a little better at!  tdc1274

Mona Lisa in the DesertThis daily create was supposed to incorporate a well-known work of art into an every day scene.  I laid the Mona Lisa in the desert.  The colors were somewhat complimentary.  I need better photo editing software though because I would have liked to blur the lines on the Mona Lisa to make her look more like she belonged there.

19440320785_7525e3a423_mThis was a picture of one of my favorite days with my best friend.  It was a sunny day in the mountains and we were enjoying wine!

19440010615_c384285b5d_mThis is a daily create that is a drawing on a napkin.  I used to write on napkins and send them to school with my girls when they were younger.  As you can see, I’m not incredibly artistic!

I’m hoping the other Daily Creates help me feel more creative and not so self-conscious!  I would love to be an incredible artist, however, my talent in that area is lacking.  I’m anxious to do some of the videos and writing Daily Creates (even if I do need to look presentable for the videos).  Maybe I can have a stand-in for the videos, a gnome or something, they’re popular now, right?  Anyway, tomorrow starts another week of Daily Creates, week 5 (I think of my Digital Literacy Class), and the week I need to finish my 10 page linguistics paper, so I better make sure I have this week wrapped up and carry on!


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