Meditation Sounds Easy, but It’s Not!

Photo by Sanne Schijnt

Meditation sounds like it would be easy.  You simply sit still and enjoy, right?  No!  It’s really a lot more difficult than you’d think. Finding the time to sit quietly and quiet my mind has been incredibly difficult.  What I’ve found so far is that I have to be mentally in the “right place” to successfully meditate.  If I am busy and have a bunch of people around, I can’t seem to remove myself and quiet my mind.

Last week for instance, two of our grandchildren were visiting.  My own daughters had softball tournaments and doctor appointments.  I had homework for two classes and work at the school.  The only time I was able to quiet my mind was directly before bed.  I could actually retire to the bedroom and breathe and gain some sense of relaxation.  It wasn’t for a long period of time, perhaps five minutes, but I was able to meditate for that period of time at least a few times during the week.

Part of the obstacle I am encountering is my own mental perception of how meditating should be done.  In my mind, I picture a “spa like” environment, dim lights, candlelight, and soft instrumental music flowing lightly in the neat environment.  My home is unfortunately more like cluttered chaos than  a peaceful spa.  Ideally, I would clean and de-clutter my house and then try again, but I don’t anticipate that happening any time soon.

This week I plan to try to meditate either outside in the morning when it is quiet or in the evening prior to bed.  I plan to try to meditate at least five days this week.  Although I don’t feel as if I have come even close to mastering meditation successfully, I do feel I have been using some of the breathing and reflecting techniques I have been reading about with some success.  When I find myself stressed I often take deep breaths and try to clear my mind at least for a few minutes before updating my list of things to do and getting started. I have also tried to incorporate stretching and breathing into my day in small amounts.

Meditation is a lot of work! The ultimate benefits will be amazing if I can reach some sort of successful  level of meditation.  The idea of being able to quiet my mind successfully and relax is incredibly appealing.  I will continue to try to increase my level and amount of meditation in the coming weeks.

Photo by Sebastien Wiertz


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