Have You Ever Googled Yourself?

Google by keso sGoogle Yourself?!

Crazy, right?!  There can’t be anything out there on the World Wide Web about me.  Well, for the most part, that is true.  Basically, someone could find out that I like Pinterest and Facebook.  Someone might be able to determine that I like horses because there is a link to a page on Facebook about horses.  That was about of it.

A lot of people share my name apparently, a person who murdered someone, a doctor, and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  Let’s hope a future employer doesn’t get me confused with a murderer.  I guess I wouldn’t really mind being confused with either the doctor or the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader!  Learning that there are a lot of people out there who share your name is slightly unsettling, especially if any of those people have negative things attributed to them.

For the most part, I thought I was off the hook about having anything very personal out on the World Wide Web, but then… Imagine my surprise when I clicked on “images” and the first photo to pop up was of my husband, me, and two of our daughters!  I’m pretty sure I have strong security settings on my Facebook page, but obviously this photo got out there somehow.  I scrolled further down and found another photograph of our oldest daughter and her husband.  (Apparently, my security settings aren’t as “strong” as I once thought.  I better check into that!)

All in all, I wasn’t too surprised or shocked at what I found online when googling myself.  I try to be careful about what I post online.  Even on Facebook, I think very hard before I post or reply to a post of another.  Anger and frustration have no place on Facebook.  It’s okay to be mad, but do you want your rant out there forever?  I don’t!  I get just as frustrated about things that go wrong as anyone else, but displaying that frustration publically isn’t going to help and in some cases, can actually hurt.

Just for fun, I googled my thirteen year old daughter’s name.  She’s actually more active online than I am.  She has a blog, which I already knew.  I did run across a press release for an award her Quiz Bowl Team won which was pretty neat!  My other daughter has someone who shares her name who is pursuing a degree in Education at California State University.  All in all, you can find out some interesting information on Google.


5 thoughts on “Have You Ever Googled Yourself?

  1. See, I thought that when I went to images on Google after searching my name, I would also find a picture of myself. But no matter how far I scrolled, nothing came up. I’m happy about this, but I also thought what you did: what if someone ever ‘Googles’ me and sees all of these people who aren’t me? Do you think it will matter? I’m not sure.


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