Meditating-The Pinney Method!

Meditating has proven to be a difficult task for this lady.  My obsessive-compulsive behavior has made it difficult to clear my mind without a clean, quiet area to attempt the meditation.  The most success I have found over the past five weeks or so has been to go outside in the yard after my husband has left for work and before my children wake for the day.  This is perhaps the most peace I feel all day.  In this environment, I am able to enjoy beauty and the sounds of nature and clear the rest of the “jumble of things” in my mind.  This ten minutes of the day is a fresh start to my day and allows me to clear my mind before everything else takes over.

I found out another colleague of mine is also attempting meditation this summer.  She has read numerous books on the subject and actually has a sibling studying to be a “natural healer.”  Her sister informed her that 27 minutes of meditation is like taking a three-hour nap… amazing!  (This has not happened for me yet.)  She has had a better time adjusting to meditating than I have.  (She may also have a much more relaxed personality than I do…)

I found the Meditation Oasis website extremely helpful with my attempt at meditation.  Difficulty Meditating proved very helpful in identifying that the struggles I was facing were not uncommon.  The website also offered great suggestions about how to overcome those obstacles.   The podcasts available on this site cover numerous topics that are helpful when trying to develop a meditating habit.  The guided meditations have been a good way to get in sync with the feel of meditating.

While I think that meditating is incredibly beneficial, I almost wish I had chosen to learn a new skill or committed to exercising on a schedule.  I feel that I am better when I am “doing” something.  I feel it’s easier for me to clear my mind when I am active.  While I typically say I hate running, I feel that I gain some sense of peace when I do run.  Perhaps that peace comes from gulping in huge amounts of air while I sweat out gallons of moisture, but running does help me clear my mind.

I will continue to try to hone my meditating skills for the next few weeks.  I feel that I will take away certain skills that will be beneficial to me even though I may not continue the full meditation plan after the completion of this course.  The breathing skills and relaxation skills will be helpful.


3 thoughts on “Meditating-The Pinney Method!

  1. Meditation is hugely challenging for me too. Last summer, I decided to call it meditation when I sat on the porch and stared at my garden for 10 minutes. It really was very energizing and recharging. I wasn’t exactly doing what you’re supposed to do while meditating, but it was closer to meditation than anything else I do. So I think you’re on the right track with quiet time to yourself in the garden.


  2. After reading your post, I think that I should try to spend 5-10 minutes everyday clearing my head. I think finding the right time to do it (like you did by finding the time between when your husband leaves for the day but before your kids wake up) would be a challenge. But once you find the right time, it would be so helpful and worth it I bet!

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