Catching Up on Posting Daily Create Assignments

Where I stand

dailycreate and tdc1262

I thought this was a neat picture, although I did realize I REALLY need a pedicure!

Where I stand

Through the Barn, Beyond the Buildings

dailycreate and tdc1256

This picture was especially neat.  It is looking through our old barn out into the hay field.  I wish the horses would have been in the background.

Through the Barn

The Secret Lives of Cats, What They Think

dailycreate tdc882

I hope the captions come through on the final video.  It was dark, so it was hard to get them to show up.  Various photos of cats showing that they are in control!


dailycreate tdc1286

A picture of my horse on a very hot and sunny day.  Nice shadow…

Shadow tdc1286

What do dogs dream about?  Toys and playing.  Toys and sleeping. Steak! People Love and Shoes!  How do I get that cat?

dailycreate  tdc881

Are you crazy?  So I didn’t get the picture soon enough to show our Jack Russell, jumping over the 4 foot high wall into the swimming pool, swimming over to our daughter on her floaty, and making himself at home….  Here’s a photo of the float after all the turmoil.

dailycreate  tdc1199

Baylin and Kailey floating in the pool.

Words that describe you, Show us!

I used word salad to create this showing words that describe me!  (Never mind, technical difficulties with Word Salad, so I used Cool Text Generator!

dailiycreate and tdc1217


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