Creating a Poster on Canva

Meditation (2)Creating a poster with Canva was relatively simple.  If you have a general knowledge of how to drop and drag things, you can figure this application out with relative ease.  The most difficult part I found was finding images that I liked that were free.  Many images are available from the application, but many cost $1.00 an image.  I created one poster that was going to cost $4.00.  I’m kind of a cheap skate, so I put free images in place of the ones I had previously chosen.  You can upload your own images to the application which may be the best way to make sure you are using images that speak to you.

I used the poster to share that meditation is a personal thing.  What one may consider true meditation, may not work for someone else.  After reading and researching and attempting to do meditation for the past few weeks, I’ve determined that I do have brief periods of “consciousness.”  These are moments where I feel at peace with the world.  They are not long periods, but they are there.

Canva could be used in the classroom to create vocabulary posters.  Adding visuals to the definition of the word show that students know the true-meaning of the word.  These posters can then be hung around the room or the hall to show off our creative prowess!  These posters can also be created to use as visual aids in my speech class.  Using a combination of different programs to create visuals can make visuals have a larger impact.  If one students is writing a persuasive speech and has lots of numbers and data, I would recommend they use Piktochart.  It’s an easy way to create eye-appealing visuals with data.

Canva can also be used to create my own inspirational posters for my classroom.  The biggest challenge then would be sending them off to get them printed poster size!  The ability to make those posters personal is essential.  In addition, a teacher can create posters that illustrate a particular concept that students are struggling with to help them understand it more clearly.  The biggest downfall of Canva, other than the amount of free images, is the slow time it takes to email or share your visual.  I started downloading it to share about 4 minutes ago and it is still processing.  It was quick to download to my computer, but slow to share via email.  It is still processing…


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