Attention Log…. Wasting Time or Being Efficient?

laptop by npslibrarianI’ve always known that I can sometimes procrastinate.  I have pretty much overcome that problem by tackling assignments as soon as I have them.  I like to complete them as soon as I can and get them turned in so I feel like I have accomplished something.  Also, I’ve learned to focus to get the task completed efficiently (for the most part).

The following is my attention log for five different sessions.

7/20/15                        This session took place in my living room on both my cell phone and my laptop computer.  The session lasted approximately 15 minutes (okay, it turned into about 30).  Initially, I went on to check my coursework, but quickly got sidetracked.  I checked my coursework quickly, but found myself wanting to check my items on Ebay and wanting to check to see if I had gotten any more responses to horse sale ads I had on Facebook.  I felt like I was accomplishing a lot, but didn’t feel focused enough to work on my schoolwork.

7/20/15                        This session took place in my bedroom right before bed.  This session lasted 15 minutes because I diligently made myself shut it down so I could get some sleep.  This session was performed on my cell phone.  I checked my Ebay items to see that no one had bid on them yet.  I also checked Facebook to see if I had any more responses on horses I had for sale.  I felt uneasy when I shut down and tried to go to sleep.

7/21/15                        This session took place in my classroom at school. At the present time, this session has lasted over two hours.  I am using my school laptop.  I printed off my two assignment sheets and started to work.  I felt like I was accomplishing a lot.  I completed both blogging assignments and played with some new technology tools.  I have accomplished a lot, but need to accomplish more.  I need to upload some of my Daily Creates and get that log done and blogged about.  Taking a small bathroom break now (which after over two hours is quite a feet)!


I just completed another 2 hour session in my classroom utilizing my school laptop computer.  Aside from the few minor technical difficulties, I feel like I’ve accomplished a ton of stuff (mostly for class).  I’ve had fewer disruptions here than I do at home, although I have had 2 calls and one text from my daughter.


I logged on this morning from my living room simply to check on Twitter and WordPress.  I anticipated spending about 5-10 minutes reviewing the information there, however, it didn’t take that long.  Instead of shutting down the connection, however, I decided to check Facebook and then play an online game.  I was bored, but I also knew I was wasting time.  Instead of the initial 5-10 minutes I planned, I spent about 25 minutes browsing around.

I noticed that when I was focused on a particular project or assignment and was sitting at a desk, I was very efficient.  I focused easily and cranked out some good information.  I was sitting up straight even with my feet on my chair.  My shoulders were back and I had better posture.  When I was in a more casual setting, I tended to be easier to distract.  I was often on my coach or in my easy chair.  I was often not sitting as straight as I was in my school setting.

This might be an interesting “project” to give my classes this fall.  Let’s see what their attention logs look like.  Maybe they will see a correlation between where they do their homework and how they physically and mentally approach it and the quality of their work.


7 thoughts on “Attention Log…. Wasting Time or Being Efficient?

  1. This is a pretty cool observation! I think it would be interesting to see how students react to something like this but also just to see how oneself would react to it. Good stuff!


  2. That’s one problem I have is I have very poor posture. When I try to sit straight and have good posture, my back don’t like it and starts to ache from my initial injury in Iraq. Sitting tilted back with my back flush against the computer chair and shoulders a bit forward is ideal, until my rear starts to fall asleep. Than I have to adjust. I think the best way I sit and focus though is putting in some electric music, or music with no lyrics as a background noise, and don’t look off my monitors. If I do I start watching the game my kid is playing or the cat doing something crazy, or my dogs feel it’s time for attention because I looked their way.


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