Am I an Innovator?

Image by AP
Image by AP

Innovation in learning and thinking is something I strive for continuously.  This term, innovation has come through utilizing unfamiliar technology tools.   As Couros states, “we need to view ourselves as learners.”  I have enjoyed learning about Twitter and about blogging.  These two tools will be increasingly beneficial in my teaching.  Utilizing blogging weekly as an assignment for my junior high and high school students will get them writing in a new and different way.  With recent research showing writing abilities are not up to par, it’s essential to not only teach students how to write, but to give them more practice writing.

Innovation in learning looks like teachers constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to teach content.  It requires thinking outside of the box by the teacher to create exciting projects to show competency of skills.  It requires a lot of work, but the results can be amazing!

This term I have unlearned the old communication techniques and embraced new ones.  The tools we’ve utilized in this class will be useful to my students in class.  I feel like utilizing some of these new tools will be a way to connect with some of my students.  I’ve unlearned that learning is an event and instead see learning as a never-ending process.  As Richardson says I can now “see the possibilities.”

I’m not sure what I still need to learn about teaching and learning; I just know that there is a ton to learn.  One thing I need to learn before fall is to utilize a product we use for English in the junior high/high school in which I work.  After my experience this summer, I feel it will be easy to adapt to that program and add some of my own “things.”

Where do we go from here?  We must “view ourselves as learners,” and keep in mind “what’s best for learners,” as Couros stated.  So, am I an innovator?  I have to say yes.  I try to be a problem-solver when faced with obstacles both in and out of the classroom.  I try to stay positive in the face of negativity and always keep the students needs to the forefront of my thought process.  I continually talk with other people (teachers, business people, parents, etc.)  to try to find new approaches to issues and or situations that arise.  Collaboration is essential to innovation.  You need one to have the other!


2 thoughts on “Am I an Innovator?

  1. Students may also enjoy blogging more also, since it is looked upon as “cool.” Whereas, writing with a pencil or reading isn’t cool. I really enjoyed reading your post, great job.


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