My Life and Books

I accidentally brought money to a book sale.

Fifth grade was a time of change for me. I transitioned from a one-room country school to a private religious school in town. I went from going to the public library once a month with my school, to having access to a library at school daily. The library at school was somewhat overwhelming. I remember being mesmerized by The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. To this day, I don’t know if I ever actually finished that book. (Thus the reason it is on my “to be read list” now.)

Banned Books #4

In high school, I remember dreading some of the assigned reading while devouring the other. The Scarlet Letter was an amazing book. I enjoyed the discussions on the morality issues presented in the book. I read most of what was assigned, while I would bet that many of my classmates simply faked it. While I don’t claim to have been a “future English major,” at that time, I did enjoy the challenge of reading material that wasn’t necessarily easy to get through.


As a freshman in college, I learned that English and reading were subjects I excelled in. I selected courses that were challenging with authors that I had not heard of previously. I was so overwhelmed in my first literature class, that I was afraid to speak. Eventually, I pulled myself out of my quiet state and starting discussing my opinions of the literature we were reading. It was amazing to be in a classroom where your opinion was valued and encouraged. This was a definite turning point in my reading career.

What I read in 2012

Once I graduated college, I renewed my desire for casual reading. I selected biographies of famous people and read about their lives. In addition, I learned that at stressful times in my life, I wanted a book that wasn’t too “deep.” I still wanted to read, I just didn’t want to have to put a lot of extra effort into understanding the book.

i read

As I have grown older, I have noticed I don’t tend to jump on the bandwagons for popular books. At the time the Harry Potter series came out, my aunt was standing in line for the next book. I was not “refusing,” but not rushing out to purchase the books. I honestly didn’t think I’d like them. They weren’t “my thing.” When my daughter decided she wanted to read them, however, I encouraged her and bought each book. She was so excited about the books that she encouraged me to read them too and thus, I became hooked on that series.

The saying “life’s a journey,” is a popular one and it is true of many things including the journey in reading. I still love my regular books, but I know have an ereader and check out audiobooks from the library when I travel. I fill my “extra” time with stories of escape and also books for professional development. Both of my daughters are now avid readers. It’s a passion we can all share.


One thought on “My Life and Books

  1. You’re kinda like me in that reading “ebbed and flowed” in my life, but never really left it. There were always books around me, so reading was something I did. It was a part of me.


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