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If you search the internet for information about Teen Reading and Social Media, you will find TONS of information on how teens are using social media.  What you may not find is ANY or VERY LITTLE information on how teens are using social media to discuss or encourage reading.  


Teens are using social media for bad, see an article on Popsugar, http://bit.ly/1K0p1Qe, but they are also using social media for good according to an article on On Point with Tom Ashbrook, http://wbur.fm/1UQlE6v. From bullying to interacting and supporting other teens, the internet is the tool of choice.

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So, what social media tools are being used to promote teen reading?  While I personally am no expert on recent social media trends, I do have a Facebook Account, a Twitter Account, a Goodreads Account, and a WordPress Account and I do discuss what I’m reading on those social media forums.  That being said, my teenage daughter uses Snapchat as her social media of choice, although, I don’t believe she’s Snapchatting her currently reading selection with her peers. (Perhaps I could sneak a book into her selfie shot!)


As my teenage daughter struggled to “find” a book for her quarterly book reflection, I suggested she get on Goodreads and check it out.  She entered her profile and entered some of the books she had already read and rated them.  Then….. The suggestions started coming in… she was suddenly researching books she might like to read.  She was asking to use my ipad because I had money on my ibooks account and she could purchase those books she wanted to read.  In the last month, this girl who wasn’t a totally avid reader before has been reading books and talking about books more than I have seen in over four years!  I am SO excited! In addition, she’s been sharing books with her friends at school and I’ve actually HEARD them discussing books!   


On Facebook, if you search Teen Reading, you get a lot of information about Reading, Pennsylvania.  While I am sure it’s a nice community, not exactly what I was looking for…  That same search on Twitter brings up a plethora of information about teen reading.  This includes different titles of Young Adult books, different authors of Young Adult Books, and links to articles about Young Adult books and reading.  This may be one of the more useful searches I performed for this topic.


So, how are teenagers using social media to talk about reading?  I’m not sure they are, so let’s encourage it and develop a community of teenage readers.


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  1. Teenage readers are a hidden bunch. Reading still isn’t popular among them despite the YA boom over the last 20 years. Either they’re flaunting it, or they’re keeping it secret.

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