Punctuation Prompt for Find Me by Romily Bernard


,”After all, I’m prepared. I wired my foster parents’ security cameras to route the front yard video feed through my computer.”
This quote made me stop and think because not many children would have the ability or the need to reroute security cameras. It made me wonder what this child had been through in her life and what she might be fearful of to come.

question mark

?”Find me? There’s a flickering under my scalp, a tingling along my spine.”
When I read this quote, I wondered if Tessa was still alive. Then I began to wonder who dropped off the diary for Wick. I began to wonder if whoever gave her the diary was a good person or a bad person.

exclamation point.PNG

!”Don’t think.” Something crashes on his end. I hear a door slam. “Don’t think, just run. Get moving.”
I reacted strongly to this part of the text because it’s evident that Griff knows who the killer is and that it is someone in close proximity to Wick. This was a plot twist I was not really expecting.


2 thoughts on “Punctuation Prompt for Find Me by Romily Bernard

  1. Well I am certainly intrigued! I have to add this to my TBR right now! Great response – and without giving spoilers in what seems like a thriller/mystery book. Thank you!!


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