What You Left Behind by Jessica Verde

what you left behindGrief and guilt radiate throughout this novel.  Ryden feels guilty.  He blames himself for Meg’s death. If he hadn’t gotten her pregant, she wouldn’t have stopped treatment and died.  Now, he is a teenage father trying to figure out how to live. He doesn’t want to give up on his dream of playing soccer professionally, but he is strapped with juggling fatherhood, being a student, being a soccer player, and working at Whole Foods.

Meg’s mother and father hate (or maybe refuse to acknowledge) Ryden which adds to the guilt.  Ryden holds on to Meg through her journal that she left at his house.  He struggles to hold on to who he was before all this happened.  He starts to feel like his old self with a new friend, Joni, who works with him at Whole Foods.

This is an interesting journey through the difficulties of youth is adult situations.


13 thoughts on “What You Left Behind by Jessica Verde

  1. Pop culture is always giving me the female perspective on teen pregnancy such as MTV’s Teen Mom, but I never hear from the father’s side, so I’ll TBR it.

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  2. I bet it was interesting to read this through the dad’s perspective! This novel sounds like it might break my heart. Worth the read you think? If so, I might just have to add another book to my TBR list!


    1. I think it is worth the read. Parts of it are heartbreaking, but it gives the male perspective and you get somebody the female perspective through the journals. You are left to wonder if the title means, the journals, the baby, or the boy.

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  3. New perspective coming from the father! We are always hearing about teen moms and rarely do we hear about how a teen father copes with the situation, much less a situation that this young man has been placed in. Sounds like a good read, you did a good job with your review.


  4. Have you ever read After by Amy Efaw? It’s somewhat similar I think to the plot of this book in that it talks about what happens after not before. I think a lot of books tend to focus on the before and you never really get the story after what happened.


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