My Summer Reading Plans

I’ll be honest, this semester has been incredibly enjoyable, but also incredibly difficult.  Taking two graduate courses, coaching High School Speech, teaching full-time, having two very active children, a husband, and a multitude of animals to take care of has taken its toll.  I’m anxiously awaiting then end of not only my college classes, but the teaching year.  (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, I’m just tired, oh SO tired.)

That being said, finding a plan for summer reading for myself and hopefully for my students is something that needs to be addressed.  I can’t bring myself to tackle the Book a Day Challenge right now.  Perhaps by mid-summer, I will feel capable of that challenge.  I’m leaning toward a novel a week. So far I have read 47 books this semester, but my To Be Read List has grown to 85, so I will have plenty of books to choose from!

My plan for reading includes reading a bit every day.  Most likely, after I exercise each morning, I will head out to the patio with a cup of coffee and a good book for about an hour.  I’m hopeful I’m able to maintain that routine while still accomplishing all of the “other work” that I need to get done this summer.  I also plan to read when we go vacation to the lake.  My bag will be packed with books or my IPAD so that I will have easy access to books.  I’m especially excited about Overdrive so I can check out books and save myself a bit of money in the process.


In addition to stalking book lists this summer, I plan to stalk Goodwill, Hastings, and Barnes  and Noble to get good ideas of books to read and add to my classroom library.  This may be the first summer in years that I have not either taught summer school or taken college classes towards additional certifications, so I am anticipating the summer being slightly more relaxing than summers past.



8 thoughts on “My Summer Reading Plans

  1. I love overdrive! I am always driving, and now I can listen to books while I drive! It sounds like you worked really hard this semester, so I think it is good that you are taking time to just leisurely read. Sometimes you need a break. Great blog post!


  2. Thank you! It has been busy semester. I am definitely ready for some down time, but I also am anxious to keep working on my to be read list. I”m also applying for an additional endorsement this summer, so making sure all the paperwork is up to date, etc., is currently a thorn in my side. It’s of course, also, that time of year where students are “done” mentally and I have to be honest, I have to really give some effort to “not being done” myself. Thanks for reading.


  3. Do you tend to lean towards short, quick reads over the summers or longer, more time-intensive, but not necessarily requiring more effort, texts? I know I used to prefer the latter before I began college and now I prefer the former if I have the time and energy to read at all.


  4. I typically enjoy lighter reads during the summer. I will, however, grab a book I am thinking of teaching and read through it with sticky notes to mark the things I could teach about out of that particular novel. I’m really looking for ways to “connect” some of the older classics to more modern stories in the classroom. This semester that idea has grown in my mind and I think students will “connect” with things more if I try it, so… we shall see!


  5. I have so enjoyed your blog this semester! I hope you have lots of wonderful unstructured reading time this summer. So impressive that you read 47 books this semester! I ended up splurging on an Audible subscription this year and have really loved it for listening to audiobooks my library is never going to get. It’s fun to have many more choices!


    1. Thank you! I am thinking about audible also. So much time in the car or cooking could be more productive, plus, you are right, sometimes our libraries aren’t going to get everything we want to read.


    1. Thanks! It might be my OCD thing… I definitely stayed up later than I should have many times, but it was also my way to decompress. It motivates me to get my grading and planning done AT school, so I could enjoy the books and my family at home.


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