Let Me Start By Saying, I am NOT a “Zombie Person”

warm bodiesLet me also say that if I the book I saw had some of the other cover options, I likely wouldn’t have ever chosen it.  While I held on to my discomfort for zombies through the first two chapters, I quickly saw it fade away as I experienced the characters changing.  The climax of the story occurs when “R,”  a zombie, actually saves a living person, Julie, during an attack.  Julie sees that “R” is different and has an altogether different views of zombies than most “living” people.  This is a journey towards redemption for the zombies, but also for th world as a whole.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had difficulty putting it down after the initial hook.  Even if you aren’t a zombie fan, you will find many great things in this book.


4 thoughts on “Let Me Start By Saying, I am NOT a “Zombie Person”

  1. I loved this movie. I never thought it would have been a book. I am not a zombie fan either, but a friend of mine dragged me to the movie. I am interested in getting to the book and seeing how it compares.


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